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Having a special event where 'drumming up business' is on your mind? Or maybe you just want to spread the word about your band a little bit more. You can do it with custom drumsticks with your band or company logo, or any phrase or text, imprinted on the sticks! Our company is a leading supplier in the industry and we have great prices! - Call us today for a quote.

We have sold drumsticks to some of the top brands in the world!

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Personalized Drumsticks

We also have personalized drumsticks available that are 'engraved' rather than 'imprinted'. Branded sticks make the perfect gift for the drummer in your life. Drummers love to have their name on their drumsticks and whether they throw them out into the crowd or put them in a display box untouched, they will cherish this wonderful and personal gift. Why buy them drumsticks with some company name on them. Get their own name on there! We have great fonts to choose from to really make their personalized drumsticks stand out. The possibilities are endless so click below for more information.


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